Gianluca Bulega

Gianluca Bulega is not yet in his 40s, but he already has a long career behind him in the world of fashion design. His fashion style is inventive, fanciful, sometimes even genius. Gianluca Bulega got his degree in June 1994 at the “Istituto Europeo di Design” in Milan with a thesis written with the collaboration of Roberto Capucci.

His thesis and a stage as a theatrical costume designer at Teatro alla Scala in Milan are the foundations from which he started his creative work. The influence of Roberto Capucci is revealed by the sculptural conception of a few of his evening dresses worn by young European Princesses and sophisticated jet set ladies.

His stylistic/artistic vocation was confirmed by the excellent reviews of the famous art critic Bonito Oliva on his Tricolour Dresses exhibited at the Museo d’Arte Contemporanea in Bologna in 1997.

Bulega’s creativity often anticipates current trends, e.g. the design of jeans-couture dress on show in 1994 at the Fashion Biennal in Barcelona: the idea of jeans-couture has been only recently resumed by many international fashion stylists.

From Alta Moda Roma catwalks, Gianluca Bulega launched a lot of new inputs, like the dresses inspired by Andersen’s tales (January ’97), Lady D. (January ’98) and Erté (January ’99). His art inspirations, which played with that modest nudities that made conformists sigh at that time, were later massively resumed -with less modesty- in fashion parades all over the world.

Afterward he got a lot of other appreciation for his creations inspired by art: e.g. his memorable fashion parade, inspired by Toulouse-Lautrec paintings, which took place in the wonderful ancient rooms of Palazzo Marchi in Parma.

His many stylistic collaborations (e.g. with Soul To Soul, with Creola Couture in Dubai; with Baratta as artistic manager; with Hemmonds for Burberry’s London E1 line) made him famous in the international environment for his characteristic ability to absorb, interpret and recreate, in a dress or in theatrical costume, the spirit and temper of the past, present and future time.

Chosen by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion (March 1998), to represent the Italian fashion in the world during the opening of the London Fashion Week. Today creates a line of fragrances extremely refined,with a specific intention, transpose in a fragrance, the culture of high fashion through attention to detail, the craftsmanship and the uniqueness that we find here in the extracts in a limited edition.

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